A curated collection of amazingly beautiful instruments that anyone can play!

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Beautiful Sounds Shop was created by one person passionate about making beautiful music in simple ways.  Why try so hard with more traditional instruments when you can pick up any of the unique handcrafted instruments in this online collection and start creating wonderful melodies almost instantly?  Our philosophy is that all people are musical beings, and our vision is to provide an avenue for you to discover this magical and healing quality within yourself by making it as easy as possible.  

We are also dedicated to closing the loop between the instrument makers and those who play their musical art pieces.  Much like knowing where your food was grown and prepared before you eat it, knowing where your instruments come from and how they came into being can bring a richness and depth to the experience of playing music with it.  So look out for these emerging stories and more from Beautiful Sounds as we connect to more instrument makers, and welcome them into our family!  We hope you enjoy your experience of browsing our unique collection of amazingly beautiful instruments that anyone can play.

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